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Prescott Sporting LTD T/A Orston Shooting Ground Terms & Conditions


Shooting Ground Terms & Conditions

Orston Shooting Ground has the right to refuse any individual entry to the site or use of its facilities.

All rules must be obeyed and respected of which are all displayed within the clubhouse.

We will operate in all weather conditions unless the ground is deemed unsafe to shoot in, in which case it will be closed.

All persons must sign in and report to reception or the designated booking in table upon entering the shooting ground.

All shooters and spectators must wear eye and ear protection and a hat is strongly advised.

No cartridge greater than 28g load and greater than UK no 6.5 should be used. Fibre and Plastic wad.

All guns to be carried to and from shooting stands in an unloaded condition.

Semi Autos may only be shot with a maximum of 2 cartridges and must be carried to and from stands with an ‘auto-safe’ flag.

No shooting is allowed other than from a designated firing point.

Shooting or attempted shooting at live quarry is not permitted at any time.

No persons should alter, attempt to alter or re fill a trap.

Please place empty cartridges and associated rubbish in the bins provided.

Please respect other shooters on the shooting ground at all times.

All guns loaded and unloaded need to be facing into the shooting positions.

Membership is non refundable.

Member benefits will only be allocated to current members. Guests are exempt.

Any non license holders must be supervised by a qualified instructor or a responsible license holder. License holder supervision is on a one-to-one basis.

On sighting any concerning behaviour please report this to a member of staff immediately.

Orston Shooting Ground is entitled to monitor and safety check shooters at any time whilst they are on the ground. The right is reserved to request any shooter to leave the ground at our discretion.

Dogs are welcome to the shooting ground but must be on a lead at all times, also ensure you clean up after them please. 

Gift Vouchers have to be used within their expiry date, in any circumstances.

No shooters may be under the influence of alcohol at any time whilst shooting.

Experiences, ‘Have A Go’ Packages and Corporate Events Terms & Conditions

All experiences will go on in all weather conditions, unless deemed unsafe to shoot by the shooting ground, in which event as much notice will be given as possible.

For Experiences & Corporate Events a 50% deposit will be taken to confirm your booking, the remaining 50% is due two weeks prior to event. For both the deposit and final payment a full refund will be given if the event is cancelled 7 days or more prior to the event, less a £10 admin fee. If less than 7 days notice is given, no refund will be given but a transfer of booking to a different name can be actioned.

For ‘Have A Go’ Packages the full payment will be taken up front. A full refund, less a £5 admin fee will be given on cancellation of a booking with 48 hours or more notice given. If less than 48 hours notice is given, no refund will be given but a transfer of booking to a different name can be actioned.

Any courses of shooting lessons that are booked must be pre paid for in one bulk sum in order to gain the discount. These lessons are valid for one year. 

For all experiences set at a fixed price per head, in the event that lesser numbers are present on the day than initially booked for the shots will be split amongst the group and divided equally. No refunds will be given.

All experiences are subject to availability.

If you are late for your lesson or experience we will only be able to honour the time slot originally booked and only in the event that we have free time afterwards will be able to spend time over your allotted time at the discretion of the team at Orston. You will not be subject to any refund in this event.

For all shooters it is essential to know that this is an outdoor activity and therefore dressing according to the weather is crucial. Flat shoes must be worn with no heel and a good sole for the purpose of support. It is strongly advised that something is worn which covers your shoulders.

You will be given PPE which includes a cap, ear protection and safety glasses and these must be worn whilst shooting, anyone that refuses to wear these items of PPE will not be allowed to shoot.

If anyone is under the influence of alcohol they will not be allowed to shoot.

All non license holders will be asked to sign a non certificate holder declaration (section 21)  before shooting. If this is not signed you will not be eligible to shoot.  This will contain the following information:

Competition Booking Terms & Conditions

All online entry applications will be processed on a first come, first served basis and will only be processed once payment has been received.

For those that choose to pay on the day, please be aware that bookings are not confirmed until a confirmation email is received following the office dealing with your request.  During the intervening period, the chosen slots may be taken by other individuals paying at the time of booking. This is at your own risk. To confirm, the office opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday 9-5pm and queries will be answered on a first come first served basis.

Individuals who have chosen the pay on the day method and do not attend their booking will be asked to pay in full for their missed booking, in addition to being unable to select this option for any future bookings.  Our standard terms and conditions apply to all booking methods.

Individuals who pay in advance then cancel their booking will either receive a refund less a £5 admin fee, or will be asked to put their payment "on account" for future entries. 

Your booking will be confirmed by email. Changes or substitutions may be charged a small fee and any cancellations will be charged a £5.00 admin fee.

After the closing date of entries no refunds will be permitted unless an extenuating circumstance exists (eg medical reason or family bereavement) or if your place gets filled either by the ground or yourselves. Any discretionary refund due will be subject to the £5.00 admin fee per booking.

After the closing date of an event any changes or substitutions will not be permitted.

Competition prize money will be paid out in accordance with entries and what is advertised and will be published online with results at the end of every day. Prize money is generally collected by the individuals next time they come to the ground, we may also pay prize money over the phone on to a debit card. We generally do not pay prize money via BACS, unless it is a large sum or at the discretion of the directors.

Summary of Competition Booking

By completing and submitting an entry application you confirm that you agree to both the competition booking terms and conditions and the grounds terms and conditions. Entries are not transferrable without prior consent from the ground. All entries are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. Please note that if shooters have any form of disability they should make themselves known to reception to ensure they are put in the correct category for the specific disabled categories, in the event that there is prizes for disabled shooters within this event.

Orston Shooting Ground reserves the right to refuse entry to the site and to any competition if they choose to do so. The entry will be refunded with a £5.00 admin charge per entrant.

Your Data

Your privacy is important to us, so we’ll always keep your details secure and never use them for marketing communications that you haven’t agreed to receive.

We collect your booking details to ensure that you are eligible to enter events, bookings, competitions and that our records are up to date so that we can process your payment, confirm your bookings and list you as a competitor, entrant or booking.

We will seek positive consent from you before contacting you, although we may still contact you to fulfil our contract or where there are legitimate interests on subjects that you as a member would reasonably expect communications around e.g. online bookings for competitions.

At any time you can change your mind about whether to receive information from us, how you’re contacted for marketing purposes or update your details by email info@orston.

By completing this form or making a booking with us, you consent to the use of your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy which can be found online, on our website, which requires us to take care of the personal information you give us for specific purposes.